Grapher: A remote data plotting applet

Data source:

This data comes from plotting the radial distribution function of molecules... The values of rho and T used....


  1. The first screen shows the names of a number of data files available for graphing. Select one file from the list.
  2. Specify the background and foreground colors for the graph. The default values will be used if none are explicitly specified.
  3. Press the button marked "Plot file data -->" at the bottom of the applet window.
  4. You should see a new window with a graph of the data.
  5. If the mouse is moved over the plot area, the corresponding r and g(r) values will be displayed in the status bar of your browser.
  6. The current minimum and maximum x and y values are displayed at the top of the window. To change the viewing area, change the values and press the "Replot" button.
  7. To download the contents of the raw data file, press the "Downlaod raw data -->" button.
  8. To select a new data file to plot, press the "<-- Select new file" button.

Error checking:

Java applet created by Abhijit Davare, University of Pittsburgh, April 2000